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UCP reports incorrect voicemail summary count



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      UCP says I have 4 voicemails in my 6 voicemail boxes, but there is in fact, only 1 message.

      In the 2536 inbox there are two wav files, existing in both the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/device and /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default dirs:

      2537 has no files in its inbox in either directory.
      2596 doesn't even have a mailbox folder; so I disabled and enabled voicemail for it, now it has a folder in both places, but no files inside.
      2597 has no files in its inbox in either directory.
      2599 has no files in its inbox in either directory.
      2944 has no files in its inbox in either directory.

      I've added a screenshot of the UCP with the miscount in the summary.

      I believe these two folders are sym-linked.
      If I delete all the files in the inbox, the count drops to 3.
      However, if I listen to the message on my polycom phone, polycom will have the message moved to old messages and the .ogg file will remain in the folder and will remain there.
      If get a new voicemail and use UCP to delete the new message, it also deletes that remaining .ogg file.

      I can't figure out yet what causes the miscount.
      If I delete all my voicemail, it leaves me with a total count of 3 but all the inboxes say 0.
      If I delete a message in "Old" then the count goes down to 2 but immediately changes back to 3.

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