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iSymphonyV3 cxpanel module "Failed to install due to the following missing required module(s): manager"



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 12
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    • Component/s: iSymphony
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      FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-23

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      FreePBX Distro


      EDIT: Thanks very much for the help, Andrew!

      For others, the needed "manager" module has the name "Asterisk API" in the FreePBX web GUI.


      I am unable to install the iSymphonyV3 (iSymphonyV3 ver. 3.1.8) module. It reports the following error:

      Installing cxpanel
      Failed to install due to the following missing required module(s):


      Error(s) installing cxpanel:
      Failed to run installation scripts

      However, the required User Manager module (ver. 12.0.17) is installed, enabled and working fine.

      Here is the list of modules reported by amportal

      [root@localhost ~]# amportal a ma list

      Fetching FreePBX settings with gen_amp_conf.php..

      no repos specified, using: [commercial,standard] from last GUI settings

      Module Version Status
      ------------------- ----------------- -------------------
      announcement Enabled
      areminder 2.11.6 Enabled
      arimanager 12.0.3 Enabled
      asteriskinfo 12.0.1 Enabled
      backup 12.0.8 Enabled
      blacklist 12.0.1 Enabled
      bria Enabled
      broadcast 2.11.6 Enabled
      builtin Enabled
      callerid Enabled
      callforward 12.0.5 Enabled
      calllimit Enabled
      callrecording Enabled
      callwaiting 12.0.3 Enabled
      campon Enabled
      cdr 12.0.11 Enabled
      certman 12.0.2 Enabled
      cidlookup Enabled
      conferences 12.0.8 Enabled
      conferencespro 12.0.21 Enabled
      contactmanager 12.0.0beta10 Enabled
      core 12.0.12 Enabled
      cos 12.0.15 Enabled
      customappsreg Enabled
      cxpanel Not Installed (Locally available)
      dashboard 12.0.21 Enabled
      daynight Enabled
      digium_phones Enabled
      digiumaddoninstaller2.11.0.4 Enabled
      directory 12.0.1 Enabled
      donotdisturb 12.0.3 Enabled
      endpoint Enabled
      extensionroutes 12.0.7 Enabled
      fax 12.0.5 Enabled
      faxpro 12.0.31 Enabled
      featurecodeadmin 12.0.1 Enabled
      findmefollow 12.0.10 Enabled
      framework 12.0.18 Enabled
      freepbx_ha 12.0.2 Enabled
      hotelwakeup 2.11.3 Enabled
      iaxsettings Enabled
      infoservices Enabled
      ivr Enabled
      logfiles 12.0.6 Enabled
      music 12.0.1 Enabled
      outroutemsg Enabled
      paging Enabled
      pagingpro 12.0.2 Enabled
      parking 12.0.6 Enabled
      parkpro 12.0.5 Enabled
      pinsets Enabled
      pinsetspro Enabled
      presencestate 12.0.16 Enabled
      printextensions Enabled
      queues Enabled
      qxact_reports Enabled
      recording_report Enabled
      recordings 12.0.3 Enabled
      restapi Not Installed (Locally available)
      restapps Not Installed (Locally available)
      restart 12.0.1 Enabled
      ringgroups 12.0.2 Enabled
      setcid Enabled
      sipsettings 12.0.6 Enabled
      sipstation 12.0.3 Enabled
      sms 12.0.17 Enabled
      sng_mcu Enabled
      sysadmin Enabled
      timeconditions 12.0.6 Enabled
      ttsengines Enabled
      ucp 12.0.0beta40 Enabled
      userman 12.0.17 Enabled
      vmblast 12.0.1 Enabled
      vmnotify Enabled
      voicemail 12.0.26 Enabled
      voicemail_report Enabled
      vqplus 12.0.4 Disabled
      weakpasswords 12.0.2 Enabled
      webcallback Enabled
      webrtc 12.0.0beta9 Enabled
      xmpp 12.0.14 Enabled

      Is it possible the iSymphonyV3 module should be looking for the module "userman", instead of "manager"?

      Tim Miller Dyck

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