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      I have prepared a number of patches to the OSS EndPoint Manager - Template Manager to:
      1) Correct some display and HTML formatting issues;
      2) Correctly implement a visual item currently not rendered (group);
      3) Introduce a new visual item (header);
      4) Remove an incorrectly implemented and unusable item (file);
      5) Introduce two new parameters for an existing item (textarea);
      6) Set the initial number of displayed lines to 1.

      1) The current code incorrectly loops on multiple radio buttons, generating multiple cells in a table row, causing rendering errors and impairing usability.
      There are also other instances of incorrect formatting for some items.
      These have been corrected.
      2) The "group" type never rendered. Now it's rendered as an horizontal line followed by a level 3 header.
      3) The new "header" type can be used as a secondary divider / title inside a group to prefix a group of entries belonging to the same item (e.g. a key definition).
      4) The "file" item cannot be used, as it would always initialize the variable with the file URI relative to the workstation the web GUI is used from, not to a file available on the server, E.g. "C:\directory\filename.xml" . That would be meaningless to an endpoint.
      5) The current "textarea" item has a "maxchars" parameter that isn't used to define the size of the text area.
      The two new parameters "rows" and "cols" correctly define the HTML element. Safe defaults are provided.
      6) The default of 3 causes problems with phones that have only one identity, defy logic and introduce an unnecessary step to reset the value to 1, as 99.9% of the times an endpoint only uses one identity / line.

      All these changes are not affecting the rendering or functionality of current endpoint packages.

      The modified files are in /var/www/html/admin/modules/endpointman/, and are:

      • includes/functions.inc
      • templates/freepbx/template_editor.html
      • templates/freepbx/specifics_pop.html

      Inviting feedback.

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