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      Hi, I'm testing Commercial EPM with a Snom M9, with current firmware 9.6.2-a.

      There are a variety of template fixes I would like to send in:

      1. http_username is set to %adminPass% but should be just admin – this is the string for the admin username when logging into the base station. By default, it is just admin.

      2. ethernet_replug – the M9 only supports re-register or reboot. Suggest making this "reregister".

      3. zone_desc – the existing time zone utc_offset value only applies to firmware v7 or v8 ( http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/utc_offset ). and same with "timezone". The new settings for v9 firmware are zone_desc ( http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/zone_desc ) and zone_id. .zone_desc is something like "GMT -5" and zone_id is numeric value identifying the zone but unfortunately the Snom wiki doesn't identify valid values.

      4. Suggest adding a M9-only value "base_name" set to "snom-m9" to match the base station default configuration file.

      5. Suggest exposing "base_pin" as "0000" to make this important security setting visible in the basefile.

      6. The codecs for the handsets are set in the first four slots to the value 0 or "No compression" (as displayed in the base station web interface). Asterisk skips over all of these (not usable with Asterisk?) and falls through to codec 7, gsm. Suggest setting the priority codec order to what is shipped as default:

      1. G.711 (u-Law)
      2. G.711 (a-Law)
      3. G.729A
      4. GSM FR
      5. G.722
      6. G.726 (32 kbit/s)
      7. No compression

      This corresponds to the following XML settings

         <codec1_name perm="RW" idx="1">1</codec1_name>
         <codec1_name perm="RW" idx="2">1</codec1_name>
         <codec1_name perm="RW" idx="3">1</codec1_name>
         <codec1_name perm="RW" idx="4">1</codec1_name>
         <codec1_name perm="RW" idx="5">1</codec1_name>
         <codec1_name perm="RW" idx="6">1</codec1_name>
         <codec1_name perm="RW" idx="7">1</codec1_name>
         <codec1_name perm="RW" idx="8">1</codec1_name>
         <codec1_name perm="RW" idx="9">1</codec1_name>
         <codec2_name perm="RW" idx="1">2</codec2_name>
         <codec2_name perm="RW" idx="2">2</codec2_name>
         <codec2_name perm="RW" idx="3">2</codec2_name>
         <codec2_name perm="RW" idx="4">2</codec2_name>
         <codec2_name perm="RW" idx="5">2</codec2_name>
         <codec2_name perm="RW" idx="6">2</codec2_name>
         <codec2_name perm="RW" idx="7">2</codec2_name>
         <codec2_name perm="RW" idx="8">2</codec2_name>
         <codec2_name perm="RW" idx="9">2</codec2_name>
         <codec3_name perm="RW" idx="1">3</codec3_name>
         <codec3_name perm="RW" idx="2">3</codec3_name>
         <codec3_name perm="RW" idx="3">3</codec3_name>
         <codec3_name perm="RW" idx="4">3</codec3_name>
         <codec3_name perm="RW" idx="5">3</codec3_name>
         <codec3_name perm="RW" idx="6">3</codec3_name>
         <codec3_name perm="RW" idx="7">3</codec3_name>
         <codec3_name perm="RW" idx="8">3</codec3_name>
         <codec3_name perm="RW" idx="9">3</codec3_name>
         <codec4_name perm="RW" idx="1">4</codec4_name>
         <codec4_name perm="RW" idx="2">4</codec4_name>
         <codec4_name perm="RW" idx="3">4</codec4_name>
         <codec4_name perm="RW" idx="4">4</codec4_name>
         <codec4_name perm="RW" idx="5">4</codec4_name>
         <codec4_name perm="RW" idx="6">4</codec4_name>
         <codec4_name perm="RW" idx="7">4</codec4_name>
         <codec4_name perm="RW" idx="8">4</codec4_name>
         <codec4_name perm="RW" idx="9">4</codec4_name>
         <codec5_name perm="RW" idx="1">5</codec5_name>
         <codec5_name perm="RW" idx="2">5</codec5_name>
         <codec5_name perm="RW" idx="3">5</codec5_name>
         <codec5_name perm="RW" idx="4">5</codec5_name>
         <codec5_name perm="RW" idx="5">5</codec5_name>
         <codec5_name perm="RW" idx="6">5</codec5_name>
         <codec5_name perm="RW" idx="7">5</codec5_name>
         <codec5_name perm="RW" idx="8">5</codec5_name>
         <codec5_name perm="RW" idx="9">5</codec5_name>
         <codec6_name perm="RW" idx="1">6</codec6_name>
         <codec6_name perm="RW" idx="2">6</codec6_name>
         <codec6_name perm="RW" idx="3">6</codec6_name>
         <codec6_name perm="RW" idx="4">6</codec6_name>
         <codec6_name perm="RW" idx="5">6</codec6_name>
         <codec6_name perm="RW" idx="6">6</codec6_name>
         <codec6_name perm="RW" idx="7">6</codec6_name>
         <codec6_name perm="RW" idx="8">6</codec6_name>
         <codec6_name perm="RW" idx="9">6</codec6_name>
         <codec7_name perm="RW" idx="1">0</codec7_name>
         <codec7_name perm="RW" idx="2">0</codec7_name>
         <codec7_name perm="RW" idx="3">0</codec7_name>
         <codec7_name perm="RW" idx="4">0</codec7_name>
         <codec7_name perm="RW" idx="5">0</codec7_name>
         <codec7_name perm="RW" idx="6">0</codec7_name>
         <codec7_name perm="RW" idx="7">0</codec7_name>
         <codec7_name perm="RW" idx="8">0</codec7_name>
         <codec7_name perm="RW" idx="9">0</codec7_name>

      7. If the SIP identify for a handset has the the PBX server type set to "snom ONE"

      <user_pbxtype perm="RW" idx="1">snom</user_pbxtype>
      <user_pbxtype perm="RW" idx="2">snom</user_pbxtype>

      then the phone supports intercom mode using "Call-Info: answer-after=0", which, I think, is how Asterisk does it for Snom phones.

      from http://wiki.snom.com/Snom_m9/Documentation/Online_Manual/Feature_Configuration#Intercom.2FAuto_Answer_.28SIP.29

      "Note: The m9 also supports Intercom via Call-Info: answer-after=0 parameter. For this to work the Server Type for the Identity has to be set to snom ONE "

      Tim Miller Dyck

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