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Changeset 11085 for Ticket 4715 killed Paging with Aastra endpoints and ChanSpy disabled



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      I had two systems (one on Asterisk 1.6, second on Asterisk 1.8) both running FreePBX with paging module and Aastra endpoints. Paging was working fine.

      I upgraded both systems to FreePBX with paging module, and paging stopped working.

      First, I verified that "Force if busy" was set to No. (In theory, the changes from ticket 4715 should have no impact unless "Force if busy" is set to Whisper.)

      But then I manually edited extensions_additional.conf to delete the _SPAGE lines which were added by changeset r11085. I ran amportal restart, and paging immediately started working again.

      I do not understand how to interpret the syntax in extensions*.conf files, so I do not know why the _SPAGE lines caused a problem for my two systems, but I was able to fix my problem without changing anything except deleting those lines. (Since I fixed TWO systems this way, I am 100% sure that nothing else was involved in the fix; in other words, I did not change something else and forget.)

      Additional info which might (or might not) be relevant: On my two systems, Feature Code 555 (default for ChanSpy) is disabled. I am unclear whether this means ChanSpy is completely disabled. Maybe ChanSpy itself is always enabled but this merely disables the the Feature Code for accessing it? Again I admit my ignorance, but my speculation is that the _SPAGE lines should only be generated when ChanSpy is enabled?

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