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Add "duplicate" or "clone" button to Extensions pages



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    • Affects Version/s: 2.8
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      (Originally suggested in FREEPBX-4436, additional ticket against Extensions alone as suggested by p_lindheimer)

      Please consider adding a "duplicate" or "clone" button to Extensions pages, so that all the information can be copied to another page and then edited. When the button is clicked, it should pop up a box that asks the user to enter a new extension number. This would be a big help in certain situations, such as duplicating extension details for a phone with multiple SIP appearances. I think extra care would have to be taken to duplicate all items on an extension's page, since it appears that perhaps certain modules can add extra fields to an extension's page (though I can't think of any specific examples offhand), and these would also need to be duplicated if they exist.

      As an extension of this idea (no pun intended), you might also want to consider a per-extension export/import capability (separate from the existing third-party bulk extensions module, which as I understand it is primarily intended for doing a group of extensions at once, although maybe some of the code there might be reusable for this purpose), so that pages can be duplicated to other FreePBX systems or saved as a backup. Maybe you could save all the settings for a particular extension to an XML type file, which could then be copied to another system or even attached to an e-mail and sent to another location. Then all you'd need, in addition to the existing "Add Extension" option is an "Import Extension" option, which would read in the data from the XML file and create a new Extension, again popping up a box and asking for a new extension number, or giving the option to overwrite an existing extension, if there is a conflict with the number of an existing extension on the system. The "duplicate" and "export" functions could possibly share some of the same code, which is why I'm mentioning them together.

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