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Dynamic routing module



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      I'm submitting this module as a new ticket to make sure its visible as a module submission, though I had originally attached it to my feature request.FREEPBX-3860

      This module allows you to send incoming calls to different destinations based on the result of a mysql query.

      This can be used to:

      • play different annoucement to some callers
      • send some callers into different IVRs or queues
      • set queue priority for some callers
      • ring different extensions based on recognised callerid
      • have recognised customers received announcements in their own language

      The following is just an example of how it could be setup to read the class of a caller from a database:

      Example table mapping customers callerids to a priority

      | calleridname | calleridnum | cust_priority |
      | Customer Name 1 | 12345678 | top |
      | Customer Name 2 | 12345679 | important |
      | Customer Name 3 | 12345670 | normal |

      Then in the freepbx query under dynamic route module set up a route which uses this query:

      select cust_priority from calleridlookup where calleridnum like '%[NUMBER]' and length('[NUMBER]') > 4{noformat}

      and then set up some routing destinations in the options part of the screen where every value returned by cust_priority is mapped to a specific destination.

      • top -> rings an extension
      • important -> sent to a queue
      • normal -> sent to an ivr

      the destinations can be anything that is allowable as a destination in freepbx. An option called default should be set to indicate where to route calls if database does not return any of the forseen values.The built in default destination is to hang up.

      Implementation notes: this module takes code from calleridlookup and ivr.

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