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ARI Monitors -> Script to copy them to the users Voicemail DIR



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      Thought this may be good to intigrate in the next milestone. Original thread at

      ARI does not display call monitors, this script at an interval wil parse out the ari monitors and put them in the users voice mail boxes

      After working with Perry's archiver script for a bit and finding that I couldn't get it working on the latest release of TrixBox, I decided that it wasn't what I really wanted anyway, since it still required central control and didn't give control back to the end users. So I wrote a shell script that parses the monitor directory and moves the files to the voice-mail directories instead. This way the individuals doing the recording had control over their own recordings. Only idiosyncrasies I can see with this are as follows:

      - If a call between extensions is recorded, the recording is sent to BOTH voice mail directories, since it's not easily possible to discern which extension invoked the recording. If you only allow the calling party to initiate the recordings then you can comment out the second "if" clause for the RCD_TERM_EXT so it only delivers to the originating extension.

      To install:

      1) Download the script from:


      2) Expand the contents of the archive with unzip

      3) Edit the usr/local/bin/move-recordings.sh script to set your correct MIN_EXT and MAX_EXT for your extension range, then move it into /usr/local/bin and make sure it is executable.

      4) Move the etc/init.d/move-recordings startup script to /etc/init.d and make sure it is executable.

      5) Run "chkconfig --add move-recordings" to add to run levels

      6) Add a crontab entry similar to the following:

      0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * /usr/local/bin/move-recordings.sh

      I set mine to run every 5 minutes because I have low volume, and demanding users. Adjust as needed for your user base.

      So bottom line is that this makes the recordings usable within the existing interface without any major modifications to the core system.

      markh AKA oneobserver

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