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Inbound Route and FollowMe fails, but Extension (User) works



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      I just upgraded to FreePBX and am having a problem with Inbound Routes.

      By way of background, I am running in "deviceanduser" mode.

      Extension (user) 200 is a follow me which does a "ringall-prim" to "200" and my mobile phone. If on an internal phone (or DISA), I dial that extension (200) it rings the mobile phone and I can answer and do the call.

      However, when I use an inbound route tied to a DID number which is set to that extension (user) as its destination, it doesn't work. When I call the DID, the mobile phone does ring, but when I answer the two parties don't seem to be connected. I can't hear anything.

      This is surprising because Extension 200 and the inbound route pointing to it, should have exactly the same behaviour.

      Previously in an earlier version of FreePBX, PhilipL had told me that an inbound route wouldn't work properly if its "Set Destination" was an Extension (say 200), but needed to be the "Follow Me" for that Extension. I think you may have changed the behaviour of this?

      I can send logs, or whatever, but am wondering if there is an obvious change that may cause this not to work. It is very frustrating because, prior to upgrade, I had been using this DID as an "alias" for my mobile phone for 18 months without a hitch.

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