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Extensions are not being deleted



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    • Component/s: Asterisk Configuration
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      Developer Testing
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      Current Asterisk Version: 16.13.0
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      This issue seems to have been reported many times over the years, but as yet no fix has been provided that I can find.  The issue seems simple, the resolution not so much.  Simply put, I create an extension, in my case it was a PJSIP extension.  I decided I didn't need that extension so I deleted it.  However after the deletion and Apply process the extension still shows up in the Asterisk Info >Channels report.  Initially I couldn't even re-use the extension, getting an "In Use" message when trying to re-create the extension.  Doing an FWCONSOLE /RELOAD from CLI did seem to clear the system sufficiently to allow the extension to be reused, but the Channels report still shows the original PJSIP extension (along with the new SIP of the same extension number).  The original PJSIP extension is an "Offline" status...the new "version" of this same extension number, now just SIP, works fine as far as I can tell as its status in the Channels report is "Online". 

      This problem doesn't seem to affect the functioning of the system, but it has clearly been going on for many years, over many different releases, with no resolution.  At the very least it is annoying, at the worst there may be some negative impact, not the least of which is the fact that the Channels report is not accurate, showing old, deleted extension information.  A fix thru the FreePBX GUI would be ideal, rather than direct manipulation of databases...I am a long time Switchvox admin and I guess I got spoiled being able to do so many things in Asterisk thru their GUI.  I realize FreePBX is indeed free, but this issue has been hanging out there for a long time...isn't time it has a fix? 

      My installation info, this is a RASPBX distro, FreePBX and Asterisk Version: 16.13.0 that I downloaded yesterday, so it is about as updated as it can be I assume.  If there is a fix I have missed over the past day of web searching, please provide it in detail, assume I am a NOOB and need my hand held all the way thru...Thanks


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