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FreePBX 15 Updates and Contact Manager /



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 15, 16
    • Fix Version/s: 15, 16
    • Component/s: Asterisk Modules
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      Sprint 60
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      FreePBX Distro
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      I spun up a secondary FreePBX Server and Registered it.  This server, is my backup server in a different location.  I changed the IP Address to the new local subnet.  I of course also whitelisted  the new subnet under intrusion detection and Settings–>Astrisk SIP Settings.

      I then took the backup from my primary server and restore it to my secondary server.

      All calling functionality works perfectly.  On my Primary server, I use Contact Manager and the User Management Group is usually populated by default, I am using this with the FAXPro module.  The Startup bundle is installed on my Primary FreePBX serve, but NOT on my secondary.  When I first did this procedure I was positive, Contact Manager Worked with, and I could edit all contacts in the User Management Group.  However I recently applied ALL update modules.  After all updates were gone, I was checking if everything was working, I went to Contact Manager, and the User Management Group WAS populated, I then click on EDIT on one of them, and ALL the Contacts in the User Management Group Delete themselves...just by clicking the edit button.

      I then restored from one of my backups, on this secondary server, and Contact Manager was populated again. I then One Again, tried to edit one of the contacts in the User Management Group, and again, it spun for a few minutes in the browser, and ALL the contacts in the user management group were not DELETED. I can reproduce this every time.  

      Here are some screenshots:

      The weird thing is, just the act of clicking the EDIT button on any of the records, envoked this behavior, and as you can see, there is an APPLY Button, like a change was made...but we never even made a change we just clicked the edit button, an boom all records GONE.  Its acting like the edit button is a delete button for all records!!



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