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Alert-info for extension’s Find Me Follow Me is not being set



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    • Affects Version/s: 15
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      FreePBX Distro



      Asterisk 16.17

      All modules up to date


      It seems as if Alert-info is not being set for the extension’s Find Me Follow Me, even though I have it set to Bellcore-dr1 in the Find Me Follow Me tab of the extension 506. This is a virtual extension, but the same happens for a SIP extension. In fact if I make a grep Bellcore /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf nothing is shown and in the log it can be seen that the Alert-info is not being modified from the default None

      However if I set the Alert-Info for a ring-group, in this case ring group 501, extensions_additional.conf shows the correct dialplan for the Alert-Info setting and the log for the call shows the correct Alert-Info, so this makes me think that maybe the correct dialplan is not being generated for a custom Alert-Info that is set for an extension’s Follow Me.

      Call log to extension 506, which has Follow Me enabled and Alert-Info set to Bellcore-dr1, but the Alert-Info is not set:

      Call log to Ring Group 501, which has Alert-Info set to Bellcore-dr1 and the Alert-Info header is correctly set:

      Grep Bellcore, which show that the alert-Info dialplan is only generated for the ring group but not for the extension’s FollowMe
      [root@freepbx asterisk]# pwd
      [root@freepbx asterisk]# grep Bellcore *
      grep: backup: Is a directory
      extensions_additional.conf:exten => 501,n,Set(__ALERT_INFO=Bellcore-dr1)
      grep: keys: Is a directory

      The setting for the extension’s FollowMe Alert-Info is being written to the database, so it would seem that the dialplan generation function is not picking up the value from the database.

      MariaDB [asterisk]> select grpnum, strategy, grplist, dring from findmefollow;

      grpnum strategy grplist dring


      200 ringallv2-prim 200  
      201 ringallv2-prim 201  
      202 ringallv2-prim 202  
      203 ringallv2-prim 203  
      204 ringallv2-prim 204  
      205 ringallv2-prim 205  
      206 ringallv2-prim 206  
      300 ringallv2-prim 300  
      301 ringallv2-prim 301  
      400 ringallv2-prim 400  
      505 ringallv2-prim 200-201-202-203  
      506 ringallv2-prim 200-201-202-203 Bellcore-dr1

      12 rows in set (0.01 sec)

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