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Vega bridge service for Vega configuration is not running



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: None
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    • Fix Version/s: None
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    • Asterisk Version:
      Asterisk 13.22.0
    • Distro Version:
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      FreePBX Distro


      hi, I am using FreePBX with all modules current. i tried to use the vega module today and was presented with this banner error.  I am aware of https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-17012 and I think I have the "fixed" version yet I still have the issue.  I am also not able to make a connection to my vega gateway.

      FYI, from the pbx console, i am able to ssh to the vega and login with admin creds…so i don’t think this is a network issue, also, the vega and the PBX are on the same subnet, so no firewall between them.



      Module Version Status License


      accountcodepreserve Enabled GPLv2
      amd 13.0.2 Enabled GPLv3+
      announcement Enabled GPLv3+
      areminder Disabled Commercial
      arimanager Enabled GPLv3+
      asterisk-cli 14.0.1 Enabled GPLv3+
      asteriskinfo Enabled GPLv3+
      backup Enabled GPLv3+
      blacklist 14.0.1 Enabled GPLv3+
      broadcast Enabled Commercial
      builtin   Enabled  
      bulkhandler Enabled GPLv3+
      calendar Enabled GPLv3+
      callback Enabled GPLv3+
      callerid Disabled Commercial
      callforward Enabled AGPLv3+
      calllimit Disabled Commercial
      callrecording 14.0.11 Enabled AGPLv3+
      callwaiting Enabled GPLv3+
      campon Enabled GPLv3+
      cdr Enabled GPLv3+
      cel Enabled GPLv3+
      certman Enabled AGPLv3+
      cidlookup Enabled GPLv3+
      conferences Enabled GPLv3+
      conferencespro 14.0.1 Disabled Commercial
      configedit Enabled AGPLv3+
      contactmanager Enabled GPLv3+
      core Enabled GPLv3+
      cos Disabled Commercial
      customappsreg Enabled GPLv3+
      cxpanel Disabled GPLv3
      dahdiconfig Enabled GPLv3+
      dashboard Enabled AGPLv3+
      daynight 14.0.1 Enabled GPLv3+
      dictate 13.0.5 Enabled GPLv3+
      digium_phones Enabled GPLv2
      directory Enabled GPLv3+
      disa Enabled AGPLv3+
      donotdisturb Enabled GPLv3+
      endpoint Enabled Commercial
      extensionroutes Enabled Commercial
      fax Enabled GPLv3+
      faxpro 14.0.1 Disabled Commercial
      featurecodeadmin Enabled GPLv3+
      findmefollow Enabled GPLv3+
      firewall Enabled AGPLv3+
      framework Enabled GPLv2+
      freepbx_ha 13.0.11 Enabled Commercial
      fw_langpacks 14.0.1 Enabled GPLv3+
      hotelwakeup Enabled GPLv2
      iaxsettings Enabled AGPLv3
      infoservices Enabled GPLv2+
      irc 13.0.1 Enabled GPLv3+
      ivr 14.0.4 Enabled GPLv3+
      languages Enabled GPLv3+
      logfiles Enabled GPLv3+
      manager Enabled GPLv2+
      miscapps Enabled GPLv3+
      miscdests 13.0.6 Enabled GPLv3+
      music Enabled GPLv3+
      outroutemsg Enabled GPLv3+
      paging 14.0.8 Enabled GPLv3+
      pagingpro Enabled Commercial
      parking Enabled GPLv3+
      parkpro Disabled Commercial
      pbdirectory Enabled GPLv3+
      phonebook Enabled GPLv3+
      phpinfo 13.0.2 Enabled GPLv2+
      pinsets 13.0.12 Enabled GPLv3+
      pinsetspro Enabled Commercial
      pm2 Enabled AGPLv3+
      presencestate Enabled GPLv3+
      printextensions Enabled GPLv3+
      queueprio 13.0.4 Enabled GPLv3+
      queues Enabled GPLv2+
      qxact_reports Enabled Commercial
      recording_report Enabled Commercial
      recordings Enabled GPLv3+
      restapi Enabled AGPLv3
      restapps Disabled Commercial
      ringgroups Enabled GPLv3+
      sangomacrm Disabled Commercial
      setcid Enabled GPLv3+
      sipsettings Enabled AGPLv3+
      sipstation 14.0.2 Enabled Commercial
      sms Enabled Commercial
      sng_mcu 13.0.5 Enabled Commercial
      soundlang 14.0.5 Enabled GPLv3+
      speeddial Enabled GPLv3+
      superfecta 14.0.7 Enabled GPLv2+
      sysadmin 14.0.31 Enabled Commercial
      timeconditions Enabled GPLv3+
      tts 13.0.10 Enabled GPLv3+
      ttsengines Enabled AGPLv3
      ucp Enabled AGPLv3+
      userman Enabled AGPLv3+
      vega Enabled Commercial+
      vmblast 13.0.8 Enabled GPLv3+
      vmnotify Disabled Commercial
      voicemail Enabled GPLv3+
      voicemail_report Enabled Commercial
      vqplus Enabled Commercial
      weakpasswords 13.0.2 Enabled GPLv3+
      webcallback Disabled Commercial
      webrtc Enabled GPLv3+
      xmpp Enabled AGPLv3
      zulu Enabled Commercial


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