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Bulk Handler Contact import doesn't import anything



    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: 13, 14
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      14 and 13
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      FreePBX Distro


      There is no way to import contacts with CSV file. The Bulk Handler module shows contacts and validate them as good (green lines), but after "finished" button is pressed, nothing happens. There are no new contacts imported. 

      Tried to import them to an External Group.

      Also tried to import in UTF8 and windows 1252.

      Well, is quite simple to understand what happens: It simply doesn’t import anything, although the registries appears to be correct for import.

      This is what I do step by step:

      1.- Create a group and two contacts, from FreePBX pannel:

      imagenimagen.png1074x401 29.8 KB
      2.- Export CSV file add new contacts on it:

      imagenimagen.png1053x304 16.3 KB
      3.- Edit CSV file with notepad++ (either tried with libre office):

      imagenimagen.png969x124 8.69 KB
      4.- Add new contacts, delete the exported ones and save the file:

      imagenimagen.png968x175 10.4 KB
      5.- Select “Import” oprtion and select modified file_

      imagenimagen.png1055x654 40.5 KB
      6.- The new registries are loaded

      imagenimagen.png1088x347 23.7 KB
      7.- …adn correctly validated after “import” is pressed:

      imagenimagen.png1110x363 28.4 KB
      8.- After press “Finished” button no error is shown and import screen appears again:

      imagenimagen.png1072x649 39.3 KB
      9.- But nothing happens beacause the same old contacts are show without the new ones:

      imagenimagen.png1076x404 29.9 KB
      10.- Doesn’t seem to work and it happens to me in FreePBX13 and 14 (the only ones I have tried)


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