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Feature code to redirect IVR and inbound routing...


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      Here is my situation:

      My company basically runs 24/7, however we have no set schedule for our IVR to be available. One day they could turn off the IVR at 6PM, while other days they could have the IVR/queues up until midnight or later. Currently, I have my receptionist log into a queue to "take the phones" when the agents are ready to leave, and log out to "turn on the queues" as they call it. In fact, I like having the queue handle this because I can append a Caller ID tag to it. This makes it easy for them to identify the calls coming in, as we run 3 different companies off this box. This works well, however this does not seem like the most elegant way to configure this.

      An option to configure a feature code for toggling the IVR on/off and a "Destination when off" selection I think would be really helpful. Also, the ability to append to the caller id (like the option for the queues) would be great. This would make the system more flexible in 2 ways, freedom from time conditions and distinguishing between multiple companies. I haven't dug too deep into the FreePBX code, but I'm guessing this could be some kind of hybrid with the queues module (to keep the same functionality, since it would be quicker to write and it's proven to work).

      One other idea I had (which I'm still working out a solution to for myself) would be for toggle call forwarding for either an IVR or an Inbound Route to any destination via a feature code. This option would be great for those times when your overnight staff calls off and have to forward out to a cell, home, or an answering service. Once again I know I can accomplish this with dialplan logic or with call forwarding the operator phone, however it would be great to be able to set up these options in the GUI and would add to the ease of setup for multiple companies, as you could forward each route/IVR to a different number.

      What do you think?




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