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Allow Coversheet Company Logo, Name, Address #, Phone, Web Site, and Footer to be customized per User



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      We recently installed an on-premise PBX for a government customer.  We thought the system would meet their needs when they installed it, but now that it is active, they are needing additional functionality that I think other FreePBX users would also benefit from.

      At Settings -> Fax Configuration, there are fields for Company Logo, Name, Address #, Phone, Web Site, and Footer.

      Our customer really needs to set these fields on a per-user basis.  The reason is that there are many County Government buildings with different addresses, phone numbers, and web sites.  There is a main County Government building, but the Courthouse, Road Commission, Sheriff, and others, each have different buildings at different addresses located throughout the county, and each has their own phone number.  I know the Coversheet Name, Phone, and Email address can be customized per-User, but that is not sufficient for them.

      At Admin -> User Management -> Fax (and accessible in UCP under Fax Settings), there are the following fields:

      Coversheet Name

      Coversheet Tel

      Coversheet Email

      We would like to have these fields added so that if a User fills it in, it will override the defaults at Settings -> Fax Configuration:

      Coversheet Logo

      Coversheet Name

      Coversheet Address 1

      Coversheet Address 2

      Coversheet Address 3

      Coversheet Phone

      Coversheet Web Site

      Coversheet Footer

      If the Logo is difficult to manage, since this would involve saving a unique file for each User, that is fine.

      I am willing to use Support Credits to get this functionality added.



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