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Make email fax report configurable for outgoing fax



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      At present, a fax report is sent by email to the user who has sent a fax via UCP or Zulu.

      The contents of the fax report is not configurable. I would expect a setup similar to: ${PBXURL}/admin/config.php?display=userman#settings where the email to be sent to a user upon user creation/update can be defined by using variables.

      Here are the major drawbacks of the current fax report:

      1) The email subject only says "Outgoing fax results" without mentioning the outgoing extension, the destination, the time, and about the success (ERROR or OK). Adding this information would help the staff to assign the emails to the right person simply by analyzing the email subject.

      2) The first line in the email body is misleading in the case of a fax error, as it says: "Sent to <number>" also for the case where the fax is not properly received. It would be helpful to indicate aready in the first line of the email if the fax is "Not sent to <number", if there was an error.

      3) The fax report does not contain details about the fax transmission, like fax resolution, number of pages, transmission speed, etc. Please add the fax parameters to the report.

      4) Because of different user requirements, the fax report parameters should be stored in variables so that a user can create his own fax report.

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