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Calls for queue callback requests don't hold correct position in callback report



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 14
    • Fix Version/s: 13
    • Component/s: VQ Plus (Commercial)
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      Watching a customer system, here is a snapshot of the queue. There are 9 active queue calls, and 10 pending queue callback requests.

      7700 has 9 calls (max unlimited) in 'linear' strategy (1412s holdtime, 225s talktime), W:0, C:360, A:271, SL:12.8% within 60s
            User1 (SIP/4413) (ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (paused) (in call) (In use) has taken 8 calls (last was 69 secs ago)
            User2 (SIP/4301) (ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (paused) (On Hold) has taken 1 calls (last was 342 secs ago)
            1. SIP/xllinf-in-000016ee (wait: 24:48, prio: 0)
            2. SIP/xllinf-in-000016f5 (wait: 24:14, prio: 0)
            3. SIP/xllinf-in-000016fd (wait: 22:13, prio: 0)
            4. SIP/xllinf-in-0000170f (wait: 15:19, prio: 0)
            5. SIP/xllinf-in-00001717 (wait: 10:29, prio: 0)
            6. SIP/xllinf-in-0000171e (wait: 9:59, prio: 0)
            7. SIP/xllinf-in-0000173d (wait: 3:14, prio: 0)
            8. SIP/xllinf-in-00001740 (wait: 2:18, prio: 0)
            9. SIP/xllinf-in-00001742 (wait: 2:07, prio: 0)

      Pending callbacks:

      Queue 	Callback Number  	Position
      7700 	30xxxxxx12  	13
      7700 	71xxxxxx31  	13
      7700 	30xxxxxx58  	13
      7700 	33xxxxxx54  	12
      7700 	85xxxxxx31  	12
      7700 	71xxxxxxx5  	1
      7700 	30xxxxxx01  	1
      7700 	93xxxxxx84  	5
      7700 	93xxxxxx54  	7
      7700 	61xxxxxx08  	8

      I see multiple issues here:

      • There are multiple pending callbacks for the same position. I guess it indicates that all the position 13's have equal priority, but it looks confusing, each position should be unique IMO
      • How can the Callback positions be higher than the total number of calls in the queue, especially since I know in the above case, that the pending callbacks have been waiting a long time, much longer than the calls currently waiting in the queue.
      • When a new call enters the queue, say in the above example in position 10, all the the pending queue callback positions above 10 seem to increment higher.
      • When a call is answered from the queue, some of the pending callback positions change position down, and some don't change position.
      • I have not witnessed, but user reports that eventually all pending callbacks do occur, it just takes much longer. So in the above example, pending callback 13 will eventually get a callback, but it looks like all new calls into the queue have to stop first.
      • Pending callback list does not appear to be sorted by anything logical. It would be nice to have a time column to see when the callback was requested, but failing that sorting ascending by position would work.

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