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AlertInfo not clearing after answer?



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      After skimming over the various tickets that has appeared for AlertInfo, I cannot say if this issue has been resolved, as more than I'd like to admit has gone over my head.

      We have setup AlertInfo for incoming calls that go through a ring group, to sound different than other calls, mainly between inhouse phones.

      The issue we have with this setup is, calls between extensions have the separate ringtone from inbound, transfers of inbound calls from extension to extension keeps the inbound ringtone.

      Such as: Joe calls in from his cell, Ringtone 1 is played on all extensions of the ringroup. Extension 1 answers, takes note of where the call needs to be sent to, and transfers it to Extension 2. Extension 2 hears Ringtone 1, and currently busy to take an inbound call, unaware the call is directed to them specifically, and will soon go to voicemail.

      My guess in this situation is, the AlertInfo is staying with the call and not clearing after being answered from the ring group.

      I tried looking for a Transfer AlertInfo, or anything related, that would reset or clear the alertinfo after being answered from the ringgroup, but to no avail.

      Server is FreePBX, about a year old, I’m not certain of the specific version. All phones are Grandstream GXP2170.

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