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Phones can no longer receive inbound calls and show in use in ring groups and queues




      After upgrading from 2.2rc1 to 2.2 SVN 3434 on one of my PBX servers all phones stopped being able to take inbound calls. Doing a "show queues" showed that all of the phones were in use even though no one was on any calls. Thinking this was some sort of issue with Asterisk I restarted it but all extensions immediately showed in use again. To solve it I immediately downgraded them to 2.2rc3. Without even having to restart Asterisk the problem almost immediately cleared up.

      Unfortunately the problem only happened on one of my PBX servers and did not show on the other one I test with. The best I can think of to give you is how the calls come into the system to help you find this.

      Calls come in via SIP to a time condition. The time condition then hands it off to a ring group that is set for 15 seconds. When the ring group's time has expired it goes to a holding queue. The call came in through the time condition as expected to the ring group, however, the ring group immediately failed over to the queue since all phones showed in use. The queue then held the calls indefinitely and never rang any of the phones until I downgraded to 2.2rc3.

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