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Follow Me blocked by permission from class of service



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      I use comm. module "class of service" to restrict extension avoiding outbound to external extension. Restricted extensions are routed to a dummy trunk with an annoucement.

      In combination with "Follow Me" the wrong permission is used. Follow me is blocked if the caller isn't allowed to use the outbound route to external trunk even if the "follow me" extension has the right to call out.


      Ext. 100 is routed to dummy trunk

      Ext. 200 is routed to outbound trunk; follow me active to an external number with hash like 004179XXXX#.

      ext 100 calls ext. 200 --> follow me to external number  ==> blocked hangs-up

      Example with external inbound:

      external number (from-pstn) --> call 200 --> follow me to ext. number ==> blocked hangs-up

      As soon as I assign the allowed outbound route to ext. 100 in class of service following is working. (not possible for external numbers)

      My finding in log:

      Follow me starts correctly. Reported caller-id in "dialparties.agi" is ext. 100 or DID of ext. caller. "ROUTEUSER" is ext. 100 resp. ext DID. As consequence class of service asssigns the blocked route or can't find caller id. 

      Correct behavior from my point of view should be:

      • for routing permission the extension with follow me should be used (in my example ext. 200).
      • For display purpose the original caller id (eg. ext. 100 or external DID) should be used (as is now).

      Thank you for correcting it.


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