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Whitelist Module to block SPAM and Robocalls



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      I'm requesting the creation of a Whitelist Module. The module would be used to thwart the growing number of robocalls that are coming in daily on all of my DIDs. It would allow me to route known callers directly to a Ring Group or Extension while forcing unknown callers to go through an IVR or some other mechanism that would force them to prove that they are human. Once they did so, they would be added to the whitelist and future calls would go through directly.

      Ideally, it would work like this:

      1. The module would create a new destination entitled "Whitelist Filter." That destination would be on the same level as any other destination, such as IVR, Ring Group, Announcement, etc.

      2. When a call is routed into the Whitelist Filter, the inbound CID will be matched against a list of numbers (the whitelist). The module will allow a PBX Administrator to specify a destination if the CID matches the whitelist and another for use where the CID does not match a number on the whitelist. It would presumably look and work similar to the way that the Time Condition module works now, except that the routing decision would based upon whether the CID matches the whitelist instead of whether the current time matched a particular time group. In my case, I'd route matching CIDs to a Ring Group, while CIDs that do not match would go to an IVR.

      3. The Module would also create a new destination entitled "Add to Whitelist." When a call was routed to that destination, the inbound CID would be added to the whitelist and then the call would be sent to the whitelist match destination referenced in Item #2.

      Unknown/Restricted/Anonymous callers that were routed to the "Add to Whitelist" destination would be routed to the whitelist match destination, but obviously those CIDs would NOT be added to the whitelist.

      In my use case, I'd create an IVR used for calls that don't match the whitelist and the caller would be then prompted to dial an option to prove that the user was a real human being. If they dialed the correct sequence, they would be routed to the "Add to Whitelist" destination from my IVR, and then their CID would be added to the whitelist and the call would be routed through as a matching whitelist call.

      4. Ideally, the Whitelist module would permit the creation of mulitiple whitelists, in the same way that you can create multiple IVRs or multiple Ring Groups.

      5. There should also be a way to manually add or remove numbers from the whitelist, or even permanently ban certain numbers from being added to the whitelist. Ideally, that would be done via the WebUI and by a feature code.

      I feel that this module is sorely needed TODAY and would be willing to provide some funding to make it happen. Its need will only increase in the future.

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