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Automatic Call Recording on per-extension basis



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      Here's an idea, allow recording all calls (both outgoing and incoming), settable for each extension. The recording would be saved for only one hour (could make that configurable) unless the extension user dialed a particular feature code. If the user dialed that feature code, they would hear something like this:

      "Recorded calls: Press 1 to manage new calls or 2 to listen to older saved calls"

      In either case they would then hear the following, the only difference being that the first option (to save the call) would not be offered on older calls.

      "Playback of recorded calls
      - at any time you may press 1 to save the call recording, 2 to delete the recording, 3 to skip to the next call, or 4 to go back to the previous call. You may press 5 to skip ahead 15 seconds in the recording, or 6 to go back 15 seconds. Or you may press the pound key to hear these options again."

      Then for each call, something like:

      "Call from 1-234-555-5555 to 1-789-555-0000 started at 6:26 pm on Friday, November 10, 2006" (playback begins).

      Note: In some jurisdictions, recording calls is illegal unless one or both parties to the call are aware of the recording. Therefore, there should be a (probably system-wide) option that when a recorded call is answered, both parties should hear a statement to this effect (this should also be replayed if a leg is added to the call, as in a three-way call):

      "This announcement constitutes notice that this call is being recorded. Most call recordings are automatically deleted after [hour|one]."

      And when that recording is played, some callers or called parties may object to their calls being recorded at all, so the local user should have an option available to disable recording
      - for example, press ### (the pound key three times), after which both parties would hear "call recording has been disabled for this call" and call recording would end.

      The idea behind this is that sometimes you receive a call and wish you'd started recording it from the beginning (particularly when things start to go bad halfway through the call). With this feature, you'd be able to do that since all calls would be recorded, but the ones that end uneventfully would be automatically deleted.

      One other possible option would be that if the user has an e-mail address on file (for voicemail delivery, for example), there could be a menu option to e-mail an audio file of the call to the user.

      (I apologize if any part of this has already been implemented, I'm still using 2.1.3)

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