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      An AMP user should have one web page to access all the
      AMP information relevant to that user. Here is an
      example of some of the functions that the user could
      view and change.

      E-mail address that voicemail is sent to
      Users extension (read only)
      Current voicemails (play, delete, etc)
      Users calls logs (calls made to/from users extension)
      Quick links to the last 10 incoming / outgoing calls
      with click to re-dial
      Personal speed dial list
      Extension call routing/personal auto-attendant

      Most of there feature are self explanatory

      -Extension call routing/personal auto-attendant
      This would allow a user to pick what happens when their
      extension is dialed. They could select or deselect DND
      or they could add a call rule.

      For example if the time is between 9am and 5pm ring
      extension then go to voicemail. If the time is 5pm ;
      10pm ring cell phone 3 times then go to voicemail.
      10pm-9am ring all three on-call support number and then
      go to voicemail.

      Each rule would have a time that it is active and
      steps. Each step would be done after or in parallel
      with the previous step. So each step would have thee
      piece if info.
      1. what to do - call a number, go to voicemail, go to
      an auto-attendant
      2. what number, aa to call
      3. how many rings
      4. if this is a sequential step or is done in parallel
      with the last step

      This is a lot of features in one. I think the Extension
      call routing/personal auto-attendant is the most
      important part if there is only time to implement part
      of this.

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