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Call on hold issue when transferring



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 12
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      FreePBX Distro


      Greetings All,

      We are having a strange issue with our phone systems for the last few months and cant seem to find a solution online to it.

      Just some background info, we use Bria as a soft phone client only and we have a couple of users using iSymphony, no hard phones.

      The issue is fairly random it can happen once out of 15 calls or can happen 2 or 3 times in a row, or even every few calls. The issue happens when transferring calls, I believe this has happened on an attended transfer, not 100% sure about unattended transfer but I believe it may happen with that too.

      Here is what happens:

      1. Agent A answers the call
      2. Agent A transfers the call to Agent B
      3. Agent A completes the transfer to Agent B
      4. Agent B picks up the call and hears hold music instead of the call that was just transferred

      We have figure out that the customer on the other end of the phone CAN hear us but we can not hear them, Agent B just hears hold music.

      We have a workaround solution right now which we are using but obviously its not ideal. Here is our workaround:

      1.Customer > Agent A.
      2.Agent A does attended Transfer to Agent B.
      3.Agent B answers and speaks to Agent A.
      4.Agent A Submits transfer to Agent B
      5.Agent B gets hold music, Customer however can hear Agent B
      6.Agent B transfers the call to themself
      7.Bria will show the new call appear below the original.
      8.Upon answering this “second” call the call will be working fine.

      I have been collecting some logs from times where this happens and have attached them below.

      Has anyone else had this issue? any thoughts on what we could try to resolve this?



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